the secret behind our success is simplicity



Like in the old days, just three simple ingredients come together to make of Grande Impero a good and authentic bread. Indeed, the whole process is centred solely around excellent raw ingredients: flour obtained from the most select grains, water and salt derived from a healthy and ethical production chain.



The Starter Dough from which Grande Impero bread is created from the simplicity of ancient traditions. Its 10 years’ worth of aging alone is enough to trigger the dough’s natural leavening process, which lasts for over 30 hours: once mixed, the dough rests inside the “mattera” (bread chest) in order to develop all the characteristics that will make it an authentic and healthy high-quality bread with a sublime flavour.



Although similar in appearance to its “brothers”, each loaf has a unique shape as it is “shaped” by hand by the bakers. This is because no machine could ever replace the warmth of the bakers’ hands that helps make Grande Impero bread authentic and true.

Grande Impero bread is made exclusively using carefully selected flours, milled using stone mills, water and sea salt. These three ingredients are mixed together with the ten-year-old Starter Dough, an incredibly important ingredient in the crafting of a bread that is naturally leavened for over 30 hours before being baked.
The various shapes are hand-formed before being placed on a peel and inserted into high-tech stone-bottom ovens, the only ones that can enhance the ancient taste of such a simple and essential food. Indeed, all the various types of Grande Impero bread can be kept at home for days; they are fragrant on the outside, and hearty yet light on the inside. The products go well with all types of food and are healthy and free from animal fats, chemical preservatives and improvement agents. Grande Impero bread is natural and easy to digest, and is particularly suitable for those who are intolerant to leavening agents, as well as anyone who loves good flavours, authenticity and healthy eating.

Why choose Grande Impero bread

Buying fresh bread is not as easy as you might think: although it almost always comes in transparent packaging, you actually never know how it will taste until you eat it. And it can be different every time! Even the smallest differences in cooking times, temperature or, once again, leavening times mean that each batch may have a different flavour. We should not forget, then, that bread is the most common food, the food par excellence, but also the one that carries the most symbolic meaning.

So then, out of the 280-plus types of bread in Italy, why choose Grande Impero?

  • Because is artisanal
  • Because it is made using carefully selected grains
  • Because it is made only with Starter Dough
  • Because it is naturally leavened for 30 hours

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