A gastronomic experience to discover the ancient traditions

Rome, April 7 2016 – The “Tour Grande Impero” starts and goes to various locations in Rome and around until 23rd of April. The protagonist of the tour is one of the simplest foods in the world, closely linked to the history of humanity: the bread.

This journey aims to spread the culture of healthy eating through the knowledge of food. For this reason, a careful selection of raw materials, a craftsmanship process, the use of Starter Dougn and 30 hours of natural leavening need careful selection. All this helps to differentiate the “Grande Impero” bread for its quality, genuineness and flavor.

During the Tour, the Grande Impero Truck, will reach the main stores of Rome and nearby areas: during a whole day’s rest, the public welcomed on board will be entertained by educational workshops and tasting routes, will have the opportunity to talk with Experts who will transfer the “bread value”, illustrating the production process and the importance of excellent raw materials. The training course will end with the involvement of the senses: observation and tasting of the Great Empire bread, the true one, realized according to an ancient tradition as timeless.

There will also be room for references to history, to ancient recipes and the experience will continue between ovens, doughs and grain display with its flours.
The aim of these activities is to change consumer habits, as well as being popular, so that everyone is more aware of their nutrition choices.
Grande Impero, however, also looks at social responsibility: among other goals is to reduce the waste of food that, during the tour, consumers will learn secrets and recipes about reusing bread (thanks to the possibility that the Grande Impero fragrance lasts for several days) and, at the end of each stage, a local association will retrieve unused bread on the Truck, redistributing it to the needy.


7 aprile TODIS Via Amico Bignani – Isola Sacra Fiumicino

8 aprile TODIS Via Alfonsine, 15 – Roma

9 aprile MD Via Gesualdo Bufalino, 76/78 – Roma

10 aprile IPER PEWEX Via di Tor Bella Monaca, 469-495 – Roma

14 aprile TODIS Via Arturo Pompeati Luchini, 60 – Aranova

15 aprile TODIS Via Carlo Albizzati, 279/289 – Roma

16 aprile IPERDEM Via Maremmana Inferiore, 86 – Villaggio Adriano – Tivoli

17 aprile IPERDEM Via Mura dei Francesi, 1 – Ciampino

19 aprile Todis Via Del Poggio di Acilia, 49 – Roma

20 aprile CONAD Via Appia, 889 – Roma

21 aprile EFFEPIU’ Via Ebridi, 4 – Ostia Lido

22/23 aprile CARREFOUR Via Cassia, 786 – Roma

The bread of big events

Best hospitality has always chosen the best food ever: for this reason, since 2013, Grande Impero is the official bread of the most prestigious Italian music and cinema events. Appreciated by actors, musicians, artists, journalists and workmen, Grande Impero was the protagonist of the hospitality areas of:

Casa Sanremo

Casa Sanremo

Casa Sanremo is the place where, in the world of entertainment and music, journalists, artists, artisans who work every year in the Ligurian town for the Festival della Canzone Italiana meet.
Casa Sanremo is a place where artistic and musical initiatives are born in a sophisticated ambience accompanied by moments of entertainment and culture, a place for BtoB relations, a precious place with an undiscovered quality roof where quality cuisine makes it a master.
Casa Sanremo’s Official Bread is Grande Impero.

David di Donatello

Premi David di Donatello

The story of David di Donatello begins in the 1950s when the cinema took on more importance, and so it was that between 1953 and 1955 the Comitato per l’Arte e la Cultura and the Circolo Internazionale del Cinema, that gave rise to the Premi David di Donatello for the best Italian and foreign film production. Grande Impero is the protagonist in the place dedicated to the hospitality and celebrations, where journalists, actors and directors, delight with the main Italian excellence. David di Donatello’s Official Bread is Grande Impero.


Giffoni Lounge Experience

Giffoni Lounge experience

Giffoni Film Festival (GFF) was born in 1971 by an idea of ​​Claudio Gubitosi: to promote and make the cinema known for boys, elevating it from the marginal position it occupied at the time, to the ranks best suited to a “genre” of great quality. After the signing of the collaboration agreement between Claudio Gubitosi and Vincenzo Russolillo, the Giffoni Lounge Experience was born in 2014 as the new hospitality for teenagers.
The Giffoni Lounge Experience, setu up in the Complesso monumentale of San Francesco, is an elegant and evocative meeting place for artists, musicians, journalists and workmen. A place rich especially in content where food was the protagonist; in this important context could not miss the Excellency of Grande Impero. It is protagonist with its delicacies not only in buffet moments, but as a central part of the debate in the food industry: it is often about food to just enrich a buffet, but not what is behind the chain production, themes that Grande Impero faced for the first time thanks to the Cooking shows. Grande Impero is the official bread at Giffoni Lounge Experience.

Concerto Di Natale

Concerto di Natale

It was 1993 when Stefania Scorpio, initiator and soul of Prime Time Promotions, was interviewed by the Vicariato di Roma to launch the initiative “50 chiese per Roma 2000”. It was about building new churches in the peripheral districts of the city, where the continued arrival of new Romans crashed not only the urban fabric that was struggling to adapt, but also the supply of spaces where the newcomers could meet and develop those interrelations Which make a community aggregate. The Vicariato project was much like a dream, because the financial need for such a thing seemed to be out of reach. One would have to invent a way of raising resources by raising awareness to the general public and convincing him to contribute. So the idea of ​​the “Concerto di Natale”: was born: a great musical kermesse with many artists from every nation, religion and culture who came to Rome to sing Christmas in a mix of musical genres ranging from lyrical to rock through Folk, gospel, classical music, ethnic music, and every form of musical expression everybody wanted to propose. In this most important prestigious event, Grande Impero is protagonist in the hospitality area delighting guests with the goodness of its bread.

Roma Movie Lounge

Roma Movie Lounge

The presence of Grande Impero in the Capital became stronger even with a collateral event at the Festival del Cinema di Roma: Roma Movie Lounge Experience.An exceptional location for a unique event. A spectacular area dedicated to guests, many showcases, music shows and above all a welcoming environment for guests and partners present. In this context, Grande Impero could not miss with the goodness of its bread.

Venezia Movie Lounge

Venezia Movie Lounge

The Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica is the annual film festival in Venice, Italy (usually between the end of August and the beginning of September), in the historical Palace of Cinema, Lungomare Marconi, Lido di Venezia . It is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, the first edition was held between August 6 and August 21, 1932, preceded only by the Academy Award, commonly known as Oscar, which has been awarded the prize for the longest awarded film award : The award ceremony takes place on a unique evening since 1929.
AAlso for this very important event, the presence of Grande Impero in the hospitality area with Movie Lounge Experience, dafter the good experience with Time Out Area, a new hospitality area in the prestigious tennis Club of Hotel Excelsior with a special gift room and lots of services dedicated to the stars at the Festival.

Nastri d’Argento

Nastri D'argento

The Nastri D’Argento have always been the most important initiative in the calendar of events organized by the Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani. Recognized by the MiBAC Premio di Interesse Culturale Nazionale, they are the oldest recognition for the world of Italian cinema, the second in the world only at the Academy Awards: The cinematic journalists enrolled at the SNGCI have been nominating them since 1946 through a vote with a notary vote, Each year the best long and short films, their authors, interpreters, producers and technicians.
Particularly after returning to Taormina and the television success of recent years, Nastri are also increasingly a great opportunity for the public, with great visibility for reported and award-winning titles. Also in the Nastri D’Argento, Grande Impero is the protagonist; within an event-friendly welcome area, that now it is known and appreciated in all the major exhibitions related to the cinema world; an area where Grande Impero represents and attributes an authentic and genuine value to the products of Italian cuisine.