Our philosophy

Grande Impero was born out of a vision of a business whose solid foundations include ethics and quality, two concepts that undoubtedly lead to success when they are put into practice every day, just as we are proving today. Indeed, in just ten years we have become a bread-making business that has numerous partners (including employees, bakers, carriers) and distributes its products to many retail outlets spread out across Lazio and Umbria, baking excellent fresh bread every day.
As the official bread of large national events, our products have been savoured by stars and personalities from the world of entertainment. However, every day we love sharing our success with all those who contribute to the success of a product that combines respect for tradition with in-depth research into customers’ needs and the desire to do business differently, creating a new entrepreneurial logic inspired by shared values, the primarily aim of which is people’s wellbeing.


We believe that combining the knowledge of tradition with the simplicity of natural ingredients, enhanced by the best available technology, is the only recipe for producing true Italian bread every day.


We want to promote the culture of bread in order to show that authentic products can still exist. We aim to be a point of reference within the market, thanks to the passion that sets our work apart and our complete dedication to the craftsmanship of our bread.


Our corporate culture is based on the importance of tradition and quality. The foundation of our corporate ethics is the certainty that only by starting with natural ingredients and the skilful use of technology in the production process is it possible to renew ancient traditions and supply products that meet present-day needs. Tradition andfamiliarity are the values that reflect the modus operandi of our company, which believes in continuos training and the sharing of common goals so as to offer Italians the best Italian bread.

Chi Siamo

Alessandra Santoro
Alessandra SantoroDirettore Commerciale
I started working with Grande Impero almost by chance: I decided to apply because I very much liked the idea, the business ethics, and the respect, from the product through to the relationship with the end consumer, to whom the company offers an artisanal and authentic bread…
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Roberta Galli
Roberta GalliResponsabile Vendite
My first experience with Grande Impero was as a consumer: I was working in a point of distribution and was intrigued by the craftsmanship, natural leavening and ten-year-old starter dough. When I tried this bread I immediately noticed the difference…
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Claudio Siciliano
Claudio SicilianoFront Office
I had already worked with Grande Impero a few years ago, before we amicably parted ways, so when we met again and they invited me to come back to the company, which had expanded in the interim period, I had a “flashback”…
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Francesca R. Saccomanno
Francesca R. SaccomannoAssistente di Direzione
I have been the Executive Assistant at Grande Impero since 2014, and I found myself handling many different aspects, from supplier and customer relations to slightly more bureaucratic matters. I work well in the corporate atmosphere …
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Ernesta Volpe
Ernesta VolpeAdministrative Director
Simona Mastrorocco
Simona MastroroccoAccountant
Vita Suma
Vita SumaReturns Manager
Arianna Comes
Arianna Comes Orders Department
Massimo Verbeni
Massimo VerbeniAccount